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Where Champions Are Made

Welcome to Pearland’s Top Choice for Martial Arts! HC Taekwondo Pearland is home to an uplifting community of martial artists, where your child’s potential knows no bounds! Nestled in the vibrant community of Pearland, Texas, our academy offers an extraordinary journey filled with excitement, growth, and endless possibilities.

Discover a nurturing environment where your child will not only learn the art of taekwondo but also develop essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the mat. Our structured classes, led by experienced instructors, are designed to instill discipline, boost confidence, and foster a positive mindset in every student.

Join our welcoming community today and witness firsthand the transformative power of martial arts. Give your child the gift of self-discovery, resilience, and success at HC Taekwondo Pearland – where champions are made!

What Sets Us Apart

At HC Taekwondo Pearland, we stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our martial arts training that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Success

    HC Taekwondo Pearland will take you to new heights and achievements on and off the mat.
  • Diverse

    We have students of all ages, skill levels, and goals training at HC Taekwondo Pearland.
  • Dynamic

    HC Taekwondo Pearland believes in taking a hands-on approach to training. We lead by example because seeing is believing.
  • Confidence

    Martial arts training will improve self-image and esteem. Through perseverance you’ll discover your potential.
  • Positive

    Instructors and students at HC Taekwondo Pearland uplift each other to be the best version of themselves.

Learn More About Us:

About Us:

At HC Taekwondo Pearland, we believe in shaping not only exceptional students but also well-rounded individuals for our community.

What makes us unique is our commitment to building the next generation of leaders. Our programs focus on character development, instilling qualities such as confidence, discipline, focus, and respect that extend beyond the studio into everyday life.

Get ready for your eyes will be opened up to your inner strengths and possibilities! Master Frankie Davis provides care to every student, ensuring the best training environment possible. Through our top-quality martial arts instruction, students learn to set goals, challenge themselves, and gain perspective on what it takes to succeed. Together, we uplift our fellow martial artists and achieve our goals.

Our History:

Established in 2018, HC Taekwondo Pearland stands at the forefront of athletic excellence, dedicated to nurturing and guiding athletes to success at local, state, national, and international levels.

Since our inception, we’ve proudly celebrated numerous triumphs on the national stage. In 2019, we clinched our inaugural gold medal and produced silver and bronze medalists at the prestigious 2019 AAU Nationals Taekwondo Championships. Building upon this foundation of achievement, we’ve consistently soared to greater heights, accumulating an impressive tally of 14 State Champions, 9 National Champions, and a total of 21 National Medalists and counting.

Yet, our mission extends far beyond the realm of athletic prowess.

We’re committed to shaping individuals of character who contribute positively to their communities. Through the practice of Taekwondo, our athletes cultivate invaluable traits like self-confidence, self-respect, and respect for others. Taekwondo serves as a holistic platform for growth, nurturing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Moreover, the spirit of competition instills focus and purpose, bridging the gap between the values learned on the mat and those applied in everyday life. At HC Taekwondo Pearland, we’re not just creating champions in sport; we’re nurturing champions in life.

What Our Students Are Saying:

  • Absolutely love this TaeKwonDo school!!! Master Frankie is a great instructor. He is very passionate and patient with the kids.

    Christina C.


  • Master Davis promotes discipline, critical thinking, self confidence, physical as well as mental strength, concentration, increased endurance, dedication, and great sportsmanship.

    Wimberly H.

    Parent/ Student

  • My son and I love it here! Not only do they teach amazing taekwondo skills, but also discipline, self-confidence, integrity, perseverance, and more.

    Nelly C.

    Parent & Student

  • My daughter has fell in love with this sport and is constantly excelling. I did my research at surrounding taekwondo studios and in my opinion this studio was the best & it shows!

    Tera D.


  • HC Taekwondo Pearland is our second home. Master Davis is a great mentor and caters to all his students individually needs.

    Gabriel C.


  • My son has found his place at HC Taekwondo Pearland. Coach Frankie is amazing with the kids. He has helped my son become more confident in himself. I love the life lessons he is le

    Gina U.